So, Patrick’s reading Morrisey’s autobiography. He comes into my “office” to read me a couple snippets, one of which is about Morrissey telling his teacher he likes Mott the Hoople and the teacher then mocking him because he didn’t reply “girls” as most boys do when asked what they “like in life.”

I swear I’ve looked up the origin of the name “Mott the Hoople” many times, most of them while sitting at the bar at The Royale, for some reason… and I always forget it. Not that any of that is terribly relevant here, except the fact that Mott the Hoople does come up in conversations Patrick and I have—relatively frequently, in fact—and that I almost always look up the name origin while at The Royale.

Anyway, he tells me this, then fires up the Mott the Hoople station on Pandora before heading into the kitchen to prepare our taco party.

The songs are good.

Mott the Hoople.

David Bowie.

Elvis Costello.

T. Rex.

Velvet Underground.

We heard a song I don’t think I’ve heard before: Jeepster by T. Rex.

Then we had our taco party, which was amazing as usual.

Then more stuff happens, like both of us getting ready to leave the house—for some errands we have to run followed by “Thirstday” lunch at The Royale—and Patrick reading a little more of Morrisey’s autobiography.

Finally, we’ve got all our shit together and are walking out the door. We’re having a little light conversation as we typically do, and Patrick says, “Oh! Here’s another one for your coincidence file.” He then proceeds to tell me about how he just read this on page 65 of Morrissey’s autobiography: “T. Rex had just raged into perfection with their trio of Jeepster (number 2 for six weeks!), Telegram Sam (number 1) and Metal Guru (number 1)…”

Everything’s connected.

The Royale, I’m just a jeepster for that lunch special I had there today.